1. Repentance

Repentance is the sincere decision to turn away from a life of sin and dedicate ourselves to the amendment of our life with God.

It’s an act of confessing our sins to Him, then making the beautiful decision to live for Him from this point onward (turning your back on sin).

Repentance is internal and spiritual.

This is a very important and intimite step to healing our relationship with God.

Though it may not feel like it, confessing our sins is an act of love between us and Him (Telling your Father what you’ve done wrong and deciding to change your ways).

By acknowledging and owning up to the things we’ve done wrong, this allows us to bring them before God so He can start a new work in us.

You can do this in your room if you like, or somewhere else that’s private. If you’re comfortable enough, you can do this with your pastor.

If you choose to do this with your pastor, and don’t feel comfortable disclosing everything, just admit that you’ve lived in sin, you acknowledge your sin, and no longer want to live a life of sin.

What’s important is that you confess to God in your heart, and truly want to live for Him.

Remember, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, He doesn’t already know about you that’s going to surprise Him.

Scriptures on Repentance


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