4. Walk with God

There is absolutely nothing in this entire world that can separate us from the love of God.

His love for us is so magnificent, there isn’t anyone who can wrap their mind around it.

He wants us to have a healthy relationship with Him, and has certainly made it possible.

You can always count on God to stick to His Word, and He is a very present help in time of need.

His is merciful and loves for us to rely on Him.

For us to walk with God, we need to:

1. Read His Word (the Holy Bible)
2. Pray to Him (Jesus)
3. Live according to His Word
4. Have faith in Him & His Word

Reading & Prayer
God is more than worthy of our time that He gives us, and we need to spend some time with Him every day in order to strengthen our relationship with Him.

The more we read His Word and spend time in prayer with Him, you will notice Him strengthening your faith and moving in your life. This is very real, very beautiful, and will change your life in wonderful ways that you can’t even imagine yet.

Living Right
In order for Him to be pleased with us, we must live the way He wants us to. Having His Spirit will give you the strength you need to do this.

He has already provided us with instructions and guidelines to keep us on the right path. Now it’s our job to follow them as He helps us. We need to remember that He only wants the best for us.

There are many benefits and blessings that follow a holy & sanctified lifestyle.

Your walk with God can begin today, and you can trust your life in the hands of The Author of life.

Scriptures on Walking with God


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